Powering real-time data applications

A code-first approach to building, testing, and deploying stream processing data applications for every developer.

Turbine, a feature of Conduit Platform, revolutionizes the way you handle data. Say goodbye to the complexities of infra.

With Turbine, we bring the power of real-time data streaming directly into the hands of developers. Our framework-agnostic platform enables users to ingest and stream without the extra steps of multiple-point solutions like dbt, Spark, or Flink to your architecture.

Why Turbine?

Seamless Real-Time Data Integration

Experience the ease of integrating and processing data in real-time. Turbine is your gateway to building more dynamic, data-driven applications.

Developer-Centric Design

Built for developers, by developers. Turbine allows you to write data applications in the languages you know and love. No need to learn new, complex frameworks

No More Infrastructure Hassles

Free yourself from the backend burdens. Turbine is fully managed, meaning you focus on what you do best – creating incredible data applications. Catering to the unique needs of our customers, we ensure that the deployment of our solutions into your environment is seamless, secure, and tailored to meet your specific operational requirements

Scale Effortlessly

With Turbine's scalable architecture, your data applications grow as your needs grow, without the headaches of manual scaling.

Turbine's Capabilities

Flexible Data Transformations

Manipulate and enrich your data streams in-flight. With Turbine, you have the freedom to transform data as it moves through your pipelines

Multi-Language Support

Whether you're a Python aficionado, a Node.js enthusiast, or a Go guru, Turbine speaks your language.

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate your development process. Go from idea to deployment at breakneck speed with Turbine's streamlined data pipeline creation.

Powerful Integration

- Connect to a world of data sources and sinks. Turbine, in tandem with Meroxa’s connectors, opens up endless possibilities for data integration.

Empowering Data Teams Across the Globe

For Startups and Enterprises

Whether you're a fast-paced startup or a large enterprise, Turbine is designed to meet your data application needs at any scale.

Innovative Solutions

From analytics to machine learning, IoT to personalization, Turbine powers a range of applications, driving innovation forward.

Trusted and Secure

Your data’s security is our top priority. With Turbine, rest assured your data applications are built on a foundation of trust and compliance.

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