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The leading developer experience layer for streaming data.

A code-first approach to building, testing, and deploying stream processing data applications for every developer.

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Meroxa is the only platform that empowers any developer to efficiently build stream processing data applications with popular coding languages.

Stop wasting developer productivity on complex, specialized data infrastructure and multiple user interfaces needed to support high-volume data workflows. Instead, give your existing engineering team the tools they need to build and deliver real-time, event-driven applications, products, and services using regular code with the Meroxa platform.

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More than just an ETL / ELT tool

Meroxa is a developer platform that processes your data in real-time in-flight, based on your custom requirements.

  • React to data changes as they happen

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  • Provide discrete functionality across production data systems

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  • Serve data back to where it’s needed for your customers and infrastructure

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  • Data replication

    Stream data consistently across multiple databases to scale for redundancy, availability, auditing, or security.

  • Data integration

    Combine data from different sources into one view to support specific functions like third-party tooling, data visualization, or data analytics.

  • Real-time insights

    Analyze and process large volumes of data in real-time to guide actionable decisions related to business strategy, product development, marketing campaigns, and more.

  • And more!

    Explore how your organization can best benefit from adding Meroxa to your stack. Schedule a one-on-one demo with our team today!

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Supercharge your engineering team

More return for less investment

Eliminate your need to source and train specialized data talent with Meroxa’s code-first platform, designed to be used by developers.

Automate your infrastructure, eliminate unnecessary services, and process your data in real-time to reduce infrastructure and storage costs.

Simplify developer pathway to value

Reduce the time it takes developers to troubleshoot and get to value by leveraging their existing developer tools eliminating the need for data specific tools.

Scale with ease

Prepare your team to handle stream processing data at scale. Meroxa’s automation features benefit from our team’s experience managing Kafka and other infrastructure at massive scale.

Integrates seamlessly with your current data stack

Create stream processing data applications that support your infrastructure, not the other way around. Meroxa is cloud agnostic and can deploy to any premise. Use our defaults straight out of the box, or set up a custom configuration to match your specific needs.

Your data stays safe

Meroxa is encrypted from end-to-end and we never store any data that passes through our systems. We are in compliance with SO2 Type 1/2 and the security standards set by the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

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How it works

No need for data-specific developer tools

Give developers the toolset they need to build quality data products using coding languages they already know, like JavaScript, Go, Python, and Ruby.

There’s no need to mess around with brittle data infrastructure. Write code, build apps with Turbine, a developer centric data stream processing framework, powered by Meroxa.

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We processed 1M+ events/second at Segment, so we built a ton of tooling to make processing data both simple and correct. We never open-sourced them, so I'm glad to see Meroxa making it available to the world with Turbine. Simple and performant.

Calvin French-Owen

Calvin French-Owen

Co-Founder and Former CTO @ Segment

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