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How it works

Meroxa enables teams to build and deploy data products by leveraging a developer’s everyday workflow.

Step 1


Write code, get app.  As a developer-centric data application framework, Turbine enables you to build real-time, event-driven applications, products, and services. There’s no need to mess around with brittle data infrastructure.

Step 2


Leverage the power of code-first.  Writing code against data infrastructure is notoriously difficult. What you write on your local machine may not actually happen in production. With Turbine’s regular code, what you expect to happen with your unit tests on your local machine is what will happen in staging and production.

Step 3


Ship, monitor, and scale your Turbine data apps.  The Meroxa data platform removes the time and overhead associated with configuring and managing brokers, connectors, transforms, functions, and streaming infrastructure, giving you more time to focus on building features.

Why software engineers love Meroxa

Our developer-centric, code-first tooling lets software engineers maximize their time spent building data products as opposed to maintaining fragile data systems that weren’t designed for developers.

Build applications faster + autonomously with Turbine (beta)

Build and test applications using real-time events without leaning on your database or infrastructure team. Plus, our code-first platform adapts to your workflow—not the other way around—so you can use the tools you already know and love.

Easily manage hundreds of integrations

Our innovative platform automatically creates a shared data stream catalog and embeds it into your workflows so you can search, find, and reuse data streams effortlessly.

Automatically connect, configure, and orchestrate data integrations

Don’t stress over data orchestration: our platform has over a dozen pre-configured integrations for databases, cloud, SaaS apps, and streaming services…and we’re adding more on a regular basis.

Scale dynamically with serverless architecture

Build reusable and scalable components with standardized processes, allowing you to work efficiently while maximizing available resources.

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Take the headache out of data orchestration

With Turbine, it’s easy to send data from any source to any destination in real-time. Our integrations are pre-configured, which means zero heavy lifting to pipe and configure data across databases, cloud, SaaS apps, streaming services, and more.

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Fredrik Björk

Co-Founder and CEO @ Grafbase

Finally a code-first approach to real-time applications that lets developers focus on shipping code over infrastructure.

About Meroxa

Meroxa was founded in October 2019 by DeVaris Brown and Ali Hamidi with the goal of creating a single platform that developers can use for their various real-time data needs.

In April 2021, we launched our first solution and have been laser-focused on being the industry-leading platform for creating real-time data applications.