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Code-first building, testing, and deploying stream processing data applications.

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In the fast-paced world of data, Conduit Platform by Meroxa stands out as your ultimate data integration solution. Designed to effortlessly bridge your data sources and destinations, our platform transforms complex data operations into a streamlined, intuitive process. Embrace the power of real-time data with the Conduit Platform

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For Developers, By Developers

Conduit OSS

Engineered for flexibility and performance, Conduit OSS empowers you to seamlessly connect various data sources and destinations, transforming and streaming data effortlessly as your business evolves. Dive into a world where data boundaries disappear, and innovation takes center stage. With Conduit OSS, you're not just building data pipelines; you're crafting the vital threads of your data-driven future.

Turbine Framework

Developers can use the Turbine framework to build data applications in their preferred languages (agnostic). Turbine abstracts away the operational complexities of data apps while offering practical methods to leverage transformation logic.

API and CLI are First Class Citizens

The platform is built with an API-first mentality, allowing developers to interact with Conduit Platform programmatically, automating pipeline creation, modification, and monitoring. Prefer to work in the terminal? Anything you want to do via code on the platform, there’s a CLI command for that.

Empowering Data Teams

A code-first approach to building, testing, and deploying streamprocessing data applications for every developer.

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Data Engineers

Craft intricate data flows with precision and ease.

Software Developers

Integrate real-time data streaming into your apps, distraction-free.

DevOps Engineers

Deploy with confidence, knowing your data is consistent and reliable.


Transform your raw data into valuable business insights.

How it works

No need for data-specific developer tools

Give developers the toolset they need to build quality data products using coding languages they already know, like JavaScript, Go, Python, and Ruby.

There’s no need to mess around with brittle data infrastructure. Write code, build apps with Turbine, a developer centric data stream processing framework, powered by Meroxa.

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Why Choose the Conduit Platform?

Reduced Infra Costs

Eliminate significant capital expenses on hardware and operational cost. Our cloud-based service, reduces the need for unnecessary investments.

Code-First Pipeline Creation

Developers who demand control and flexibility, our Platform transforms your data infra into an orchestrated symphony of code-driven workflows.

Scalable Infrastructure

As your data grows, so does Conduit Platform. Scale without the pain of provisioning and managing your data infrastructure.

Cloud Agnostic Deployment

Designed for businesses looking to leverage cloud ecosystems without the event streaming platform maintenance, like Apache Kafka on your own.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Say goodbye to batch delays. Welcome instant insights and real-time analytics into your decision-making process.

Connect Anything Anywhere

Ease the requirement of Kafka connectors with Conduit Platform 100+ pre-built connectors, creating instant linkage of various data sources.

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We processed 1M+ events/second at Segment, so we built a ton of tooling to make processing data both simple and correct. We never open-sourced them, so I'm glad to see Meroxa making it available to the world with Turbine. Simple and performant.

Calvin French-Owen

Calvin French-Owen

Co-Founder and Former CTO @ Segment

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