Empowering defense with advanced data integration

Elevate defense capabilities with real-time, secure data solutions

In the high-stakes realm of defense, where strategic decisions and operational readiness hinge on the integrity and availability of data, Conduit Platform emerges as a crucial ally

Our data integration platform is engineered to meet the unique challenges of the defense sector, offering ironclad security, and unparalleled reliability.

Conduit Platform can transform your defense operations into a data-driven powerhouse


Robust Security

Implement state-of-the-art data security protocols essential for handling sensitive defense information.


Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Harness the power of real-time data for enhanced situational awareness and rapid decision-making.


Offline Functionality

Conduit Platform offers full functionality without internet connectivity. This means all necessary software and updates are installed manually, and the system is self-contained.


Scalable Infrastructure

Adapt to the evolving demands of defense operations with a scalable data solution that grows with your needs.


Seamless System Integration

Achieve interoperability between diverse defense systems and platforms for a unified operational approach.


Customizable for Defense Needs

Our platform offers customization options to align with specific defense operational requirements and data workflows in an air-gapped setting.


Backup and Recovery

Implementation of robust backup and disaster recovery procedures thats executed within the air-gapped environment, ensuring data preservation and continuity of operations.

Meroxa’s intelligent data solutions are trusted by government agencies and organizations


From enhancing the Test Pilot School’s training efforts to improving safety in air operations, Meroxa’s connectors and data transformation capabilities have been integral to optimizing mission-critical tasks. By reducing manual data handling and streamlining processes, we enable teams to focus on their core responsibilities, ensuring efficient and effective operations.



In the space domain, Meroxa plays a vital role in collecting, processing, and analyzing satellite ephemeris data from multiple providers in real-time. By reducing the skill level required for data management, we enable non-experts to extract valuable insights, improving the efficiency and agility of space operations.



With our solution, the Department of Defense can consolidate AIS vessel tracking data from diverse sources into a centralized repository. This holistic view enhances maritime domain awareness, optimizing coastal defense and security operations while minimizing the need for extensive manpower.


Defense platform impact


Enhanced Situational Awareness

Utilize integrated data from various sources for a comprehensive operational picture, crucial in critical missions and strategy formulation.


Predictive Maintenance and Logistics

Streamline maintenance and logistics with predictive analytics, ensuring optimal readiness and resource allocation.


Streamlined Communication

Facilitate secure and efficient communication channels across different levels and units within the defense sector.


Cybersecurity Monitoring

Leverage data for advanced cybersecurity, protecting critical infrastructure and communication networks from emerging threats.


Compliance and Standards Adherence

Leverage data for advanced cybersecurity, protecting critical infrastructure and communication networks from emerging threats.

With minimal streaming expertise, Meroxa unlocked our ability to monitor the health of aircraft faster than anyone I’ve seen. They also gave us the capability to empower our Guardians to do their own data analysis without being experts in every underlying system. Game changer!

Lt. Col Daniel Kimmich

Lt. Col Daniel Kimmich

Material Leader, Cross Mission Data, Space Systems Command

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