Tailored data integration for every deployment style

Conduit Platform offers versatile deployment solutions designed to meet your specific business needs.

Whether you require the efficiency of a multi-tenant environment, the control of a self-hosted setup, or the security of an air-gapped system, our platform has you covered. Discover how the Conduit Platform adapts to your unique operational requirements, providing powerful, secure, and efficient data integration.

A deployment mode
for every team and use case

Don’t sweat the requirements. We’ve got you covered with 3 comprehensive deployment modes.

Multi-Tenant Deployment: Maximizing Efficiency and Scalability

Cost-Effective Solutions

Leverage the cost savings of shared resources without compromising on performance or capabilities.

Accelerated Time To Deployment

Leveraging a shared infrastructure that allows for rapid setup and scaling, enabling you to launch your data integration projects faster than ever.

Maintenance and Upgrades Handled by Us

Benefit from automatic updates and maintenance, ensuring you always have access to the latest features.

Air-Gapped Deployment: Ultimate Security and Isolation

Unparalleled Data Protection

Ideal for high-security sectors, our air-gapped deployment ensures your data is completely isolated from external networks.

Local Automation Tools

Deploy on-premises automation software that doesn't require internet access.

Dedicated and Secure Data Handling

Perfect for defense, government, and other sensitive sectors requiring the highest level of data security.

Self-Hosted Deployment: Best of Both Deployment Worlds

Complete Data Sovereignty

Keep your sensitive data entirely within your control in your private infrastructure.

Available Credit Autonomy

Use available credits to optimize your data integration environment for your specific requirements, while also investing in areas that strengthen operational efficiency, security, and technological capabilities.

Independent Operation

Free yourself from dependencies on external cloud services with a fully self-reliant setup.

Why Choose Conduit Platform?

Versatile Deployment Options

From cloud-based multi-tenancy to on-premises air-gapped environments, the platform adapts to your specific requirements.

Robust Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate a wide range of data sources, ensuring efficient and effective data management.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Rest assured with top-tier security protocols safeguarding your data across all deployment models.

Expert Support

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing and implementing the ideal deployment strategy for your organization.

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