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  • Optimize the value of Snowflake with Meroxa

    Learn how Meroxa can help you optimize the value of Snowflake with a few lines of code.


  • Web Apps vs. Data Apps

    The success of Web 2.0 has led to systems that produce and maintain significant amounts of data. Managing and manipulating all that data has led to the creation of data apps. Learn more about data apps and why they are the perfect solution for data-driven applications.


  • Categorical Data-Based Anomaly Detection

    Learn how Meroxa Turbine and thatDot Novelty Detector allow you to build scalable, real-time anomaly detection data infrastructure easily.

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  • Meroxa: A Code-First Data Application Platform Built for Developers.

    Meroxa enables teams to build, test and deploy real-time data products by leveraging a developer's everyday workflow.