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  • 1M events/month
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  • Need more runtime?Pay $0.0015 per minute over the free 1,000 minutes/month

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  • Unlimited Integrations

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is an event?

    An event describes data that moves into or out of a resource to your stream processing application using the streaming capabilities of the Meroxa platform. For example, say you have a Postgres database that sits upstream of Meroxa. When that Postgres database is added to Meroxa as a resource and the “Read” function is used in your stream processing app to stream data from that Postgres database, each database record that gets created in Postgres that gets read into the stream processing app is an event.

    On the flip side, let’s say you want to stream those records to a search engine like Elasticsearch in that same stream processing app. Each time you use the “Write” function in your stream processing app to stream a record to Elasticsearch, that counts as an event.

  • What counts as a compute minute?

    A compute minute is measured as the amount of CPU time needed to run your function in your stream processing app. Meroxa measures CPU time in milliseconds. Any partial minute is rounded at the end of the billing cycle.

  • What if I exceed my monthly events and compute limits?

    That’s great—we’ll help you scale! More events and compute minutes can be purchased on demand via the Meroxa dashboard.

  • Do you offer custom invoicing?

    We certainly do! Please contact our sales team to learn more.

  • How secure is your platform?

    The entire Meroxa platform meets or exceeds industry standards for security and privacy. To learn more about our security practices, please visit our documentation.

Why software engineers love Meroxa

Our developer-centric, code-first tooling lets software engineers maximize their time spent building data products as opposed to maintaining fragile data systems that weren’t designed for developers.

Build applications faster + autonomously with Turbine

Build and test applications using real-time events without leaning on your database or infrastructure team. Plus, our code-first platform adapts to your workflow—not the other way around—so you can use the tools you already know and love.

Easily manage hundreds of integrations

Our innovative platform automatically creates a shared data stream catalog and embeds it into your workflows so you can search, find, and reuse data streams effortlessly.

Automatically connect, configure, and orchestrate data integrations

Don’t stress over data orchestration: our platform has over a dozen pre-configured integrations for databases, cloud, SaaS apps, and streaming services…and we’re adding more on a regular basis.

Scale dynamically with serverless architecture

Build reusable and scalable components with standardized processes, allowing you to work efficiently while maximizing available resources.

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About our company

Our goal is to empower organizations to liberate data from silos, make better decisions, and build real-time applications that add value to the world. We can empower everyone to be a data engineer and grow to be a data-driven human being—because with the right data, we all can be a force for change.