Conduit Now and Into the Future

By  Rimas Silkaitis

 9 Mar 2022

Today, we’re excited to announce thepublic roadmap forConduit, our open-source data integration tool. The Conduit team manages all features and bugs in GitHub Issues within the repo, but the sheer volume of issues can make it hard to decipher the overarching goal of a release. The Conduit roadmap is meant to provide insight into the major bodies of work we want to achieve within any given release. This will bring transparency to what’s being prioritized, why it’s being prioritized, and more importantly, when to expect it.

An essential factor in the execution of our roadmap is the release process. Conduit will follow a six-month cycle. This means we won’t delay a release for a feature. If a feature is slated to be in the next version, but we can’t complete it by the time the release goes out, it’ll go out in the following version. We feel release consistency is more important than features. The driving force behind this decision is the supportability of releases. The team is committed to supporting the last three versions of Conduit. Every version will be fully supported for a year and a half before it’s deprecated. Let’s walk through an example where we’re currently working on 0.6 and have already released version 0.2 through 0.5:

The roadmap will show what’s planned for the next two releases and a list of future features that illustrate the vision for Conduit. Any issues that you find within the Conduit repo tagged with `roadmap` are features and bugs that are “must-haves” for any given release. That doesn’t mean we won’t get other issues and bugs into a release. It just means the team will work on these items first. Also, if you do want to test any of these features before the official launch, you can check out the nightly releases to kick the tires on new functionality. Do note if you’re interested in contributing, we’ll make every effort to get your PR merged into the current release.

We’re committed to working on Conduit in the open with the community. Significant changes to the roadmap or shifts in the timeline will be communicated via theDiscussions section of the Conduit repository on GitHub.

Share your feedback and stay connected

If you have any questions, comments, or input on the direction of Conduit, please join us on the ConduitDiscussions page or onDiscord. If you’d rather share in private, you can also reach out to me directly I’m looking forward to working with you on making streaming data work between your production data stores. 🎉🎉🎉🎉