Introducing MySQL Connector Beta

By   Taron Foxworth

 29 Jun 2021

Real-time MySQL Change Data Capture (CDC) and ingestion

Meroxa is committed to making real-time data engineering simple. Part of this is giving you access to the databases engineers use most. Today, we’re happy to announce that MySQL, one of the most popular open-source databases for developers, is now in public beta as a source and destination for real-time data streams.

As a source, you can build pipelines that act on changes from MySQL. For example, you can:

  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) into a Data Warehouse.
  • Keep a search index up-to-date.
  • Replicate data to another database.

As a destination, you can capture events from PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, or any other Meroxa source and send them to MySQL.

With Meroxa, it’s all streaming, real-time, and your pipelines will be up and running in minutes, not months.

Getting Started

To begin sending data to MySQL, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an Account — Create an account using thedashboard or the MeroxaCLI.
  2. Setup — Setup your MySQL instance and acquire the credentials needed to talk to Meroxa.
  3. Add Resource — Use thedashboard or[meroxa resource create]( command to add to your Meroxa Resource Catalog.

Then, you can start building pipelines.

MySQL Source Connector

As a source, you can capture changes from MySQL and send them toRedshift, Webhooks, Amazon S3, or any other destination.

The MySQL source is a CDC connector that leveragesMySQL’s Binary Log. The binary log contains a list of every change event of a given MySQL instance. This connector will perform an initial snapshot of the data. Then, it will stream everyINSERT,UPDATE,DELETE operation and push the events into a Meroxa stream.

This connector will emit data records in the following format:

To create a source, you can use thedashboard or [meroxa connector create]( command to create a new connector:

$ meroxa connector create from-mysql-connector \
  --from my-mysql \
  --input Users \
  --pipeline my-pipeline

For more, seeMySQL Source Connector Documentation.

MySQL Destination Connector

As a destination, you can capture events from a Meroxa source and send them to tables in MySQL.

To create a destination, you can use thedashboard or[meroxa connector create]( command to create a new connector:

$ meroxa connector create to-mysql-connector \
  --from my-mysql \
  --input $STREAM_NAME \
  --pipeline my-pipeline

For more, seeMySQL Connector Documentation.

I can’t wait to see what you build. 🚀

The MySQL connector is currently in beta. We encourage customers to start using the connector in their staging and development environments and provide feedback. Following the beta phase, we will make the connector generally available for use in all environments (dev, staging, and production). Meroxa follows this pattern for all connectors that it releases to ensure a great experience for you.

As always,