Meroxa Now Streaming on Ruby

By  Jennifer Hudiono

 1 Dec 2022

Preview Turbine Ruby

We were thrilled to sponsor and attend RubyConf 2022 in Houston this week. Our team had an amazing time connecting with and learning from the ruby community, which is why we’re excited to introduce Turbine to Rubyists everywhere. The Turbine application framework was designed for software developers using their preferred programming language to build, test, and deploy data streaming applications. As the world continues to move towards real-time, there’s a growing demand for building sophisticated stream processing applications. Where traditionally this would require separate task specific tooling, new and unfamiliar paradigms, and managing complex services, the Turbine framework streamlines this experience for software developers. Combining Ruby’s simplicity and power with Turbine, Rubyists can now build data streaming apps with development workflows you know and love.

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TuRBine Applications

The Turbine Ruby developer preview will grant you early access to Turbine.rb which is currently in the final stages of feature development. With Turbine.rb developer preview, you can build and deploy a real-time stream processing application using Ruby. The preview will also give you a chance to shape the final stages of feature development with feedback, get pre-release support, and have your application ready prior to launch day.

Refer to our documentation on how to build and deploy a Turbine app using Ruby.

Sign Up for the Developer Preview

Turbine Ruby is currently in developer preview with limited functionality. If you wish to participate, sign up here and a member of our team will follow up to discuss the steps to get the feature enabled. We love hearing from our users! If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us directly via or by joining our Discord community server.

🚀 We can’t wait to see what you build!

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